• Lina Glaser

    Lina Glaser

    Passionate design thinker and product manager at AMBOSS. Helping physicians to provide the best possible care.

  • Chorng Uan Lim

    Chorng Uan Lim

  • Enliven Skills

    Enliven Skills

    Enliven Skills is an Educational Institute cum Consulting Agency based in Chandigarh offering Technical Training and Vocational Training.

  • Dana Janoskova

    Dana Janoskova

    My current stack consists of JS, TS, Node.js and Dart, coding Vue.js, React or Flutter applications. I focus on delivering good UX and writing clean code.

  • Aleks Obukhov

    Aleks Obukhov

    Software developer and technology enthusiast from Moscow currently based in Berlin

  • Cedric Brasey

    Cedric Brasey

  • Oleg Ivanov

    Oleg Ivanov

  • Georvic Tur

    Georvic Tur

    Data science and data engineering. Follower of the realist school of thought in international relations. Techno-optimist.

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