How and why to switch up your e2e testing architecture to be the maintainable and scaleable application a large project requires.

End-to-end (e2e) testing is often equated with the frontend and often resides in the frontend codebase.

I believe this is a significant mistake with a specific solution.

The first part of this article will define the problem and lay out a proposed solution. The second part details how this can be achieved with a test runner, automation server, and container registry.

This article will demonstrate this using Cypress, GitHub Actions, and the GitHub Container Registry. …

How I switched career and got good enough to start working for AMBOSS.

It was 2015 and I was in Berlin noodling around with making games with Unity in C# — at least when I wasn’t trying to teach business professionals and civil servants to communicate better in English. I’d been doing that for about a decade and it had served me well, but when I got a gig teaching a bunch of developers, I suddenly realised that there was simply nothing that I wanted to do more than software development. …

How I graduated from medical school and made the best decision of my life: to learn to code

I graduated from medical school knowing that I didn’t see myself working as a doctor. Luckily, at that time, a company called AMBOSS was looking for a doctor who had passed the United States Medical Licensing Exams. So I applied and landed my first job as a medical editor! The job was fun and challenging, but, after about 2 years, I realized that I wasn’t as passionate about it as I would have liked to have been. This led me to one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, so far: to teach myself how to code.



The best company you’ve never heard of

If you’re an engineer you might not have heard of AMBOSS. I hadn’t either before joining in 2018. It’s not a household name or, unlike Spotify, Netflix, Intercom or Zalando, one especially associated with tech— that is, unless you are a medical student or doctor.

With over 95% of the market share in Germany, effectively every doctor in the country who has graduated in the last few years has used AMBOSS for exam preparation.

The English language version has enjoyed strong adoption since its release two years ago — so much so that we’re proud to be well on the…

An in-depth look at JavaScript ES10 / ECMAScript 2019

The 10th edition of JavaScript, ECMAScript 2019, was published in June 2019. Here’s one new addition which could well remove a dependency or two or better yet replace a couple of lines of quite dense code.


This array method takes a single optional “depth” argument (which defaults to 1should it be undefined). It creates a new array with all sub-array elements concatenated into it recursively up to the value of ‘depth’. It is worth bearing in mind that it will also remove array “holes” where there are empty slots in the array.

Here is the new method and its output…

A photograph of the moon from NASA.
A photograph of the moon from NASA.
There will be photos from NASA for your enjoyment.

A blog for people like me — Mid-level Frontend Developers who want to be Senior Frontend Engineers.

Preamble: A bit about the theme, scope and intention of the Towards Senior publication.

This blog will be two things: reflection upon what has been and exploration of the path forwards. So here will be that dialogue on strategies to optimise the tactics to traverse the gap between my current and future positions. By reflecting upon how I arrived here — a mid-level Frontend Software Engineer — I will learn, and share, lessons. This is a look into career progression as a frontend engineer using myself as an example.

A story in two parts, the first takes me from being an English language trainer in Berlin to being a React developer. The second serialises…

Alexander Jeffcott

Frontend Developer at AMBOSS

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